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We are happy to announce that the Namibian international forward Zenatha Coleman has signed a new representation contract with LTA Agency.

The ‘Brave Gladiator’ is a part of Spanish Liga Iberdrola’s outfit Valencia CF, whom she has joined in 2018 when she left another top division Spanish team – Zaragoza CFF.

The dangerous attacker is the first Namibian player to play in Europe in one of the most prestigious League competitions.

Zenatha, 26, has been valued for her speed, strength, technical skills, motivation and discipline. She is the best player and captain of Namibia Women’s National Team, and one of the best active players hailing from the African continent.

She is the only Namibian female to play and score in Spain’s Primera Division and the only Namibian to score in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. 

LTA Agency have worked with Zenatha since 2014, and we are delighted that she has decided to continue our partnership.

We wish Zenatha to achieve many new victories in her professional career.