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About Us

About Us

International football management, player and club representation

LTA Agency is a proven leader in world’s women’s football representing top players and arranging transfers with the biggest clubs in Europe and the rest of the world. Since its inception in 2009, LTA Agency have participated in over 200 transfers involving 95 clubs from 25 countries all over the globe. More than 100 individual clients of 35 different nationalities have used services of our agency. LTA Agency has a strong presence in Africa and has successfully helped many African players pursue their dream of a professional career in Europe.

Our expansive international network consists of partners and representatives in various parts of the world. See contact information for key LTA Agency people below.

Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Anton Maksimov
Nationality: Bulgaria
Position: Director and Players’ Agent
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Language: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Bulgarian
Contact: Send email | +359 884 890 650
Elsa LTA (2)
Name: Elise-Gisele Tjomb
Nationality: Cameroon
Position: Media and PR Manager
Location: Douala, Cameroon
Language: French, English
Contact: Send email
Name: María Ruiz Román
Nationality: Spain
Position: Representative and Communications Coordinator
Location: Madrid, Spain
Language: Spanish, English, Russian, French
Contact: Send email | +34634518429
Blanche LTA
Name: Blanche Kwin
Nationality: Cameroon
Position: Regional Marketing Manager, Africa
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Language: English, French
Contact Send email
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Name: Lennart Just Hansen
Nationality: Denmark
Position: Partner
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Language: English, Danish, Portuguese
Contact: Send email | +359 884 899 809
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Doreen Nabwire
Nationality: Kenya
Position: Representative
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Language: English, Swahili, German, Dutch
Contact: Send email
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Thomas Sørensen
Nationality: Denmark
Position: Partner
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Language: English, Danish
Contact: Send email | +359 884 899 809
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Alessandro Pennestri
Nationality: Italy
Position: Representative
Location: Naples, Italy
Language: Italian, English
Contact: Send email | +393 456 983 312
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Nandaemua Maharero
Nationality: Namibia
Position: Representative
Location: Windhoek, Namibia
Language: English, Afrikaans
Contact: Send email
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Charly Mendo
Nationality: France
Position: Representative
Location: Paris, France
Language: French, Portuguese, Spanish, English
Contact: Send email | +33 623 957 762
Team-Kickoff-01 (4)
Name: Gilbert Monney
Nationality: Ghana
Position: Players’ Agent and Representative
Location: Accra, Ghana
Language: English, Akan
Contact: Send email | +233276753409
Name: Mohamed Gamal
Nationality: Egyptian
Position: CEO & Founder Z hub Sports (www-zhub-eg.com)
Location: Egypt
Language: Arabic, English
Contact: Send email | mohamed@lta-agency.com

Manager of number of different super stars in the women's football world, such as Caroline Seger, Verónica Boquete, Natalia Pablos Sanchon and many others.

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