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Chelsea’s Swedish goalkeeper and her team are through to the 2017/18 UEFA Women’s Champions League last-four for the first time

Chelsea’s good performance in the quarter-finals against the French side Montpellier HSC earned them a spot in the semi-finals where they will face German powerhouse Wolfsburg on April 24th/28th.

Hedvig played 90 minutes in both legs against Montpellier HSC. Chelsea beat the last season’s French top flight runners-up 3-1 at home for a 5-1 win on aggregate.
Linda Sembrant, Katrine Veje, and Virginia Torecilla (three other players represented by LTA) of Montpellier featured in both legs.

Line Roddick and Vicky Losada also represented by LTA have lost 1-3 on aggregate against the holders – Lyon. FC Barcelona saw their participation end earlier this season than last season when they reached the semis for the first time.

LTA wish good luck to Hedvig Lindahl against Wolfsburg.