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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mohamed Gamal’s led Z-Hub Sports Management as the new LTA Agency representative in Egypt and the Arab States of the Gulf

With the aim to continue our expansion in the domain of women’s football across the world and more particularly in Africa, LTA Agency who have a wide network of representatives already, have now named a sixth representative in Africa: this time in Egypt.

As the official representative of LTA, Z-HUB will be focusing on scouting exceptional female players in Egypt and Gulf countries, promoting LTA signed players from Africa in the Egyptian women’s league, potentially creating LTA annual tournaments in the Middle East for real scouting, establishing a brand LTA academies for girls, being a role model Academy under LTA’s management team supervision in addition to expanding the LTA Brand in Egypt and the Gulf countries.

Mohamed Gamal, Z- HUB Sports Management CEO and Founder, has years of experience as a top business and sport executive in Egypt and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. He has been committed to developing and promoting male and female football in his country for years with a special focus on higher education in addition to sports. Apart from Z-Hub, he runs the IFA football academies in Cairo and is also involved with KoraStats, a ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ in the high level performance analysis sphere.

With the signing of the new representative, LTA Agency carry on developing the exciting and ambitious team of professionals world-wide.

LTA Agency would like to welcome Mohamed and Z-HUB to the agency and wish them the best in this new cooperation project.