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Isis Sonkeng, Cynthia Shilwatso and Mahira Ali have finished the 2022-2023 Ukrainian Super League season in the second position, winning the silver medal with FC Kryvbas

FC Kryvbas has been crowned runner-up of the 2022-2023 Ukrainian championship with help of three players represented by LTA Agency. The Egyptian midfielder Mahira Ali and Kenyan striker Cynthia Shilwatso who have recently joined the club as well as Cameroonian defender Isis Sonkeng who is playing in the club since last season.

Kyrvbas have ended the season as the league second and the semi finalist of the Ukrainian Cup. In the previous season, the club was third in the league.

Sonkeng played a key part in Krivbas’ Premier League second-spot finish. She has featured in all league matches (except one) and scored five goals across the campaign as she established herself as an unavoidable member of the Krivbas’defense. She was also involved in one cup goal and played all cup games to help her club achieve this result.

Shilwatso splayed two league games and scored a hat trick in her first match with the club. Mahira has only played one game and notched a goal in her debut. They still have one match to play against Pantery to end the season.

LTA Agency congratulate Sonkeng, Shilwatso and Mahira on this first title with Kvrivbas.