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Six players represented by LTA progressed into UEFA Women’s Champions League next round: Irene Paredes of FC Barcelona, Linda Sembrant and Sofie Junge Pedersen of Juventus, Signe Bruun of Lyon, Jade Boho and Léonie Fleury of Servette FC

Spanish defender Irene Paredes joined Barcelona (holders) this season. The last season with Signe, they reached Semi-finals with their former club Paris Saint-Germain.

Danish striker Signe Bruun joined Lyon this season. She featured in the two games to help her team to win 4-2 on aggregate against Levante. Last season, Lyon’s record of five-year reign as champions ended at the Quarter-finals.

Danish midfielder Sofie Junge played the second leg against Vllaz (3-0 on aggregate) to help Juventus reach the group stages. She also played the two previous winning games against St Pölten (4-1) and Kamenica Sasa (12-0).

Servette FC Won 1-0 against Glentoran, 1-0 against Åland United and finally, 3-2 on aggregation against Glasgow City. Equatorial Guinea striker Jade Boho featured in all the matches netting three goals. French striker Léonie Fleury played in two of the games.

Juventus and Servette have never previously made the last 16.

LTA Agency congratulate all the players and wish them good luck for the group stages of the Champions League.