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8.07.22, Casablanca, Morocco

Re: Barbra Banda’s current situation

In light of the recent public attention and contradictory statements as to Barbra’s non-participation in the ongoing WAFCON in Morocco, I would like to dispel the rumours and clarify Barbra’s situation and position on the matter to all the world media and interested public.

As her official representative, I can state that Barbra has not been banned or suspended from participating in the current WAFCON by CAF, FAZ, FIFA, or any other governing body. She has not undergone and consequently has not failed any ‘gender verification’ or ‘gender eligibility tests’ administered prior to the tournament. In fact, there are no tests required by CAF, WAFCON, or FIFA in this regard in order to participate in the competition. Barbra is also perfectly healthy and fit.

The decision not to currently feature Barbra at the tournament is FAZ’s internal decision based on their own evaluation of her physical conditions before coming to Morocco.

I reiterate that nothing, no existing regulations that we are aware of, prevents Barbra’s participation in the WAFCON 2022. Barbra has not failed any medical tests in this regard either.

Barbra respects the decision of her federation, is ready to be called upon when needed, and is fully behind her teammates as they try to qualify for a historic first appearance at the FIFA Women’s World Cup next year.

For any further inquiries, please, contact FAZ as Barbra has nothing else to say on the matter at this moment.

Anton Maksimov
Director and Managing Partner
LTA Agency