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Josee Nahi won the Korea Confederation Cup with Gyeongu KHNP, while Tereza Engesha was runner up

Ivory coast striker Josee won her first trophy of the season in Korea as her side defeated Incheon Hyunday Steel to lift the cup trophy.

Gyeongu KHNP of Josee beat Incheon Hyunday Steel of Tereza 3-1 in extra time after a 1-1 draw in the Korean Confederation Cup final on Sunday, August 7.

Tereza Engesha, a Kenya striker who plays for Incheon Hyunday Steel, is congratulated for having reached the final.

Both teams are on top of the WK-league table, with Hyunday Steel in the first spot and Gyeongu KHNP in the second.

LTA Agency congratulate Josee on this trophy.