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Mery leads Zvezda-2005 of Russia past Norwegian Champions

LTA Agency’s Spanish striker Maria Ruiz, better known as Mery, scored a crucial second goal […]

Shek Borkowski: “We’ll have a tough season if we play like this…”

LTA’s American coach Shek Borkowski, currently in charge of Russian Champions Zvezda-2005, has ripped his […]

Work in progress…

LTA Agency client and WFC Zvezda-2005 Perm head coach Shek Borkowski gave this interview to […]

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the partners, the staff, players, and coaches of LTA Agency, we would […]

Tête à tête with Shek Borkowski

LTA Agency client and Zvezda-2005 (Russia) head coach Shek Borkowski has won 2 league titles […]